Diffraction Glasses Heart

Wear to concerts, laser shows, music festivals, firework displays, electronic and dance music events, raves, festivals, watch trippy videos, take them clubbing, wear them while sitting in the car as a PASSENGER and look at shiny objects in the sunlight.


These glasses use a special kind of lens to diffract light into a multitude of rainbow colors. The lens works similar to a prism, splitting white light into its component colors. This means that whenever you put these glasses on, any light source will appear as a kaleidoscope of colors, intensifying your concert/rave experience like never before.

Another little novelty is that they are a great conversation starter, first reactions are absolutely priceless. It’s awesome to see someone discover these awesome glasses for the first time.

So you might ask, do you actually need a pair of these amazing glasses? Simply put; yes, they are fantastic! Once you have them you really won’t want to be without them again!

Although we call them by the technical name Diffraction, these glasses have managed to pick up many unusual nicknames which try to describe the crazy effect they produce.

They are also known as: Rainbow Glasses, Firework Glasses, Prism or Prizm Glasses, Rave Glasses, Aura or Aurora Glasses, Gradient lens Glasses, Fractal Glasses, Laser or Lazer Glasses, Acid or LSD Glasses, , Refraction, Diffracting Glasses, Light diffraction glasses, Light show glasses, Cats eye glasses, Rave Glasses, Rave optics, Diffraction optics, Rave shades, Rave specs, Psychedelic glasses and many more.