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From the insight according which it is important to enable every one of us to create, to express and speak out in a creative and limitless manner, KUFSI was born, fruit of  the vision of a businessman and high-tech-man  Eldad Karavani.

By means of KUFSI that consists of a platform for exposure of art, character and self-expression, young veteran creators enjoy a platform that provides them a gateway for recognition and distribution of their creations.

with the help of which they could sell their creations and leave their mark.

The first platform, from KUFSI house, for exposing the art  is a unique and designed case that dresses on cigarettes boxes that till recently were just !

Adds a designed touch and puts a new and awesome accessory to our life which upgrades the appearance scene with a lot of style and chic.


KUFSI owl  logo is built from image parts
KUFSI owl  logo
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